How to choose the best conference center

Conference Center ChoiceOrganizing a conference can be a daunting task ranging from getting the right speakers, securing sponsors and planning the details. Getting the right venue can be a challenge if you don’t have the right guide and many still don’t know how to choose the best conference center. The venue has a direct impact on the success of the conference considering aspects like cost, availability of relevant amenities and its accessibility to participants. Here are some tips to choosing the best conference center.


To maximize attendance at the event, its location is very crucial when making plans. The venue you choose should be readily accessible by major transport modes including air and road. Locations that require more than one leg of air transport may negatively affect the attendance, especially for VIP participants. Services like valet and ample secure parking are important if most of the attendees will drive to the event. Around the event location, there should be restaurants and some attractions that can maximize networking pre or post event.

Everyone, even those with special needs should be able to access the venue with ease and use the amenities. You should understand who your attendees will be so that you can select the best location for everyone. It is crucial that you consider participants of all ages if children will be around, there should be diaper changing rooms. If elderly participants are expected, the venue should have minimal stairs to be as considerate of the guests as possible.


Your conference venue should be in a place where participants can get convenient accommodation and lodging facilities. The hotels should be reasonably located away from the conference venue if guests can stay within the conference location the better for everyone. This is one of the major advantages of The Rainbow Towers Hotel; there is plenty of rooms available for conference attendees. Rooms are equipped with state of the art equipment. Most rooms are have beds with memory foam mattresses like the ones featured here on Sleep Junkie. Choosing a venue that is far from the hotel will force the participants to incur extra expenses in transport if the hotel does not provide a shuttle service.

Availability of space

You may have found a suitable conference venue, but in a peak season, meaning the outer space will be occupied most of the time. Choosing allocation that is frequented by other users may affect the networking aspect of the conference. Ensure you have the VIP lounge and pool among other areas that may be of interest to your event.


The venue for your conference should be aligned with the event being held there. The venue should complement the event and not distract the participants from the theme. It should be mindful of the sponsors and stakeholders alike and the site should be hosting another event that clashes with the one you are planning.


Most people consider this before the other aspects in most cases. It is crucial to planning and budgeting, however, it should not overshadow the other factors. Don’t be afraid to negotiate if the venue impresses you for a repeat of the conference the following year. A multi-year contract may earn you a significant discount.


For the conference to be successful, the venue needs professional staff in adequate number to handle the participants’ needs. Concierge support, wait staff, and security are essential to any event and should constitute what you get when signing a contract for the venue. Some conference venues have in-house event coordinators and designers who can help with the event, don’t forget to ask for these.


A venue with all the facilities that your participants may need should be on top of the list. If you are wondering How to choose the best conference center, the facilities available like stages, audiovisual equipment makes it more convenient to set up and manage the event. The seating arrangements, outside vendors, and sponsor areas should be well coordinated to make every stakeholder happy. The room should be adequate to accommodate the participants comfortably. The available hotels should be enough for your participants. If the hotels are mostly unsuitable for your venue, consider moving the location. Ensure there is enough space for trade show displays and adequate break rooms.

Branding ease

Since conferences go hand in hand with branding, be considerate to your sponsors and provide branding opportunities at the event venue. Consider asking the venue coordinator for branding opportunities around the facility in and out.

Technical facilities

The chosen location should have Wi-Fi and charging stations for the participants to keep up with the current digital trends. If they don’t, then you should add these at your cost. Ask if the venue will provide technical support all through the event or should you shoulder that. It can be frustrating to experience technical issues in the middle of an event with no one to help or aimlessly searching for a Wi-Fi connection.

Food and beverage

There are venues that provide food and drinks included with the cost of renting the venue for the conference. However, without confirming the details, you will be in for disappointments with your guests. Confirm if you can contract an outside caterer to take care of your needs. Ask if they can accommodate last minute changes and special cases like food allergies and special diets for your attendees.

Consider if the venue has their kitchen capable of serving all your participants comfortably. This goes with the cost of the service, so if the cost is higher than the market rate, you may be compelled to get an outside caterer. Some venues will waive the fee you could have paid for the facility and only charge a small down payment and the cost of food and drinks. Some without kitchens may be in partnership with reliable catering companies to make your work easier. This will take away a lot of stress in planning and organizing the event till the end.

With these tips, anyone can plan their conference to proceed seamlessly without having to experience a series of disappointments before it ends. With the increasing use of technology in our lives and if conferences, you will be in good hands if you choose a venue that has an inbuilt technology to help facilitate the conference. This beats having to install cables and a sound system from a third party vendor that has not been tested for compliance with your needs. Attendees differ in their preferences, some prefer the fast paced city experience, whereas others prefer to attend a conference in a secluded, quiet location away from big cities. Always consider the price sensitivity of the participants and choose the best conference center that will not make them spend more than they are willing to in hotel, meals, and transport costs.

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Is Airbnb Legal in Hong Kong?

Airbnb is a company that exploits share economy to its fullest. The company works by connecting people looking for affordable accommodation with home- owners who wish to increase their income by temporarily renting out the extra space in their houses. The market for Airbnb is ever growing. It is easy to understand why people prefer this company to ordinary hotels and guest- houses when they travel: renting rooms through Airbnb is way cheaper than renting a hotel room. The company has already secured itself a huge customer base in many countries around the world, and is especially thriving in big cities. One such city is Hong Kong.

Although Airbnb is immensely popular, there is still a lot of controversy and legal risk surrounding it. If you want to start renting out your house through Airbnb, there are a lot of things that you need to do in order to protect yourself legally. The bottom line however is that Airbnb is completely legal in Hong Kong, but is regulated by many laws.

What are the regulations that govern Airbnb Transactions?

You should beware that you require a number of permits and licenses before you can become a host with this company. In many cities around the world, carrying out online businesses illegally can be a costly mistake. Familiarize yourself with the laws that govern short- term renting of property before you engage in this business as it will save you a lot of time and energy. Remember that Airbnb is not a scapegoat for commercial property owners who wish to pay less tax or be subjected to lower standards when hosting guests. In case the government finds out that you are applying for the wrong permit in order to avoid taxes, it could be more than costly for you.

Secondly, before you get the required licenses and permits, you will need to satisfy a number of requirements. For instance, you house may need to have corridors of a given width, and it may also have to reach certain health and safety standards. Take your time to read extensively on the requirements you must fulfill before you are allowed to rent your property. This way, you will have an easy time acquiring the permits you want.

You would also be well advised to get an insurance policy for the property you want to rent out, regardless of how briefly you intend to rent it out. This will shield you from losses in case your guests damage your property during their stay. Remember, you can never be too safe.

Additionally, find out as much as you can on the taxes imposed by authorities on those who rent out their houses on a short-term rental basis. Generally, if your guests will stay for a period of less than 28 days, that suffices to be a short- term rental agreement. If you are yourself living in rental property, be sure to enquire from the owner whether sub- leasing is allowed.

The Hong Kong Situation

Currently, the Airbnb market in Hong Kong is thriving. This is partially because there is a hotel room shortage affecting the place. There are also the alluring monetary gains that both guests and hosts have to gain from such a transaction.

That been said however, there are still a number of challenges that face the Airbnb market in Hong Kong. One such challenge is the hostility with which hotel owners and other stakeholders in the industry met the idea of Share economy. There are countless lawsuits that have been brought and continue to be brought against hosts in Hong Kong, but there is little the courts and authorities can do because the cases are overwhelmingly many.

Additionally, there is the hurdle of meeting the required standards for one to become a host. Complying with the required fire safety, health safety and the house dimensions required for one to get licensed by the Licensing Authority under the Home Affairs Department in Hong Kong might be more than the ordinary homeowner can keep up with.


All in all, the Airbnb market in Hong Kong is rather lucrative. So long as you comply with the laid down laws and take care to insure your property, you are good to go. Additionally, the government is not so keen on private residents who decide to rent out their houses through Airbnb as it is with those unscrupulous commercial property owners who want to hide under the Airbnb cover. For more information, be sure to visit the Breezybnb Management website.

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Where To Stay In Cebu City With Comfort & Luxury

There is no doubt Cebu City is the ultimate destination to visit in the Philippines. From the several islands and islet, to the water-boarding activities and beaches, historical monuments arising out of the 16th Century Spanish colonial exploits to the ports and sweeping city views, Cebu is definitely among the flourishing tourist sanctuaries. If you are planning of visiting the city, then there is one major aspect to consider and make sure it is perfect; your accommodation. The trick to enjoying most of what Cebu City has to offer lies in finding ideal accommodation somewhere close to most of the attractions. There are several hotels in the area and a good example is SouthPole Central Hotel. However, some simply give the best views of the town and others are known for unbelievable offers and discounts. If you can find one that has a mix of both in addition to perfect suites and environment for relaxing, then that should be your top choice. Finding where to stay in Cebu City is relatively easy as top hotels such as SouthPole Central Hotel have professionally built websites that describe their offers.

Here are a few tips to help you land the perfect hotel in the region:

Always start with the rooms

Although some people begin with inspecting the environment, it is often recommendable to make suites and rooms your first priority. Before looking at anything else, make sure you are comfortable (if not overwhelmed) with the room in the hotel. The tip here is to determine what suites the hotel offers. Top offers should have a broad variety including deluxe rooms, superior and special rooms, business suites, presidential and luxury suites among others. Before you book where to stay in Cebu City, visit the websites and view existing rooms, spaces, décor, location and available suites. Look for modern fixtures and fittings, top-class finish, banqueting, lobby cafes and conference rooms, rooftops, cocktail bars and other details within the hotel.

The environment and atmosphere

Cebu CityCebu offers a bustling street and busy beaches, but this does not mean you lack places to lay back and relax. As aforementioned, some hotels like SouthPole central Hotel offer rooftop views and cocktail bars from which you can witness the busy street at work while relaxing with other guests. The best places to stay in should understand that each guest has unique needs for pleasure, business or any other reason. Seek details that may give you insights into housekeeping services and meals, dining halls and private spaces. You can always find reviews and comments from previous and/or current guests to learn more from their experiences. Nonetheless, watch out for fabricated testimonials that do not add up.

Amenities and modern conveniences

When looking for where to stay in Cebu City, then you must know that modern conveniences are top distinguishers and can be used to separate reliable offers from the rest. For the modern world, conveniences like high-speed Wi-Fi or fiber internet are held dear. Device charging sockets, sufficient supplies, enhanced lighting and décor, open space plans for easy mobility and transportation arrangements should all be considered. You should be able to call for room service by a single press of a button, order your meals through the hotel network portal or online. Wide parking space and in-room dining are also other things to appreciate. All these amazing facilities are available at SouthPole Central Hotel.


The hotel industry is quite competitive and this only makes things better for the traveler, if you are looking for where to stay in Cebu City, you will probably come across numerous hotels and accommodation offers. Most of them will have desirable plans and manifest great value for money so it all boils down to the extra features you get. Free internet is already a norm in most high-end hotels so pay attention to special hints like free breakfast, a wide assortment of drinks and meals, free self-parking, improved security, loyalty discounts, first-time waivers and of course, a flourishing reputation.


There are many wonderful hotels in Cebu City and your choice will depend on how much you are willing to spend as well as personal preferences. It is best to pick top offers and find out whether the favorite rooms are already booked for the season. Sometimes good accommodation offers just get flooded and the experience is tarnished so keep an eye on the calendar and occupancy. If they are centrally located where you can see the whole city from the rooftop, have top class services and housekeeping, maintain a clean environment, offer a diverse menu and enjoy positive reputation among clients, then it may just be the best place to stay in Cebu City. SouthPole central Hotel is a good example that offers all the facilities you need for a comfortable stay.

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We Offer Discounts On Our Bahamas Locations In This Package

Our everyday life is full of various challenges, dramatic twists and exertions. This is the normal course of life but after working hard, everyone has the right to take some time off to re-energize. Taking a discount Bahamas vacation is the best idea ever of regaining your energy and sanity from the hustle and bustle of the normal life. Taking a vacation to Bahamas does not have to mean taking out loans as it is possible to visit the beautiful islands even on a budget. It is possible to go on vacation in Bahamas even with a little money to spare. Discount vacations to Bahamas will offer you with diverse fun activities like deep sea fishing, breathtaking water sports, swimming with dolphins and deep sea fishing etc.

What Does a Discount Bahamas Vacation Entail?

A discount Bahamas vacation does not necessarily mean that you will enjoy a low standard vacation. You will get to enjoy all the facilities and luxuries that make a conventional vacation enjoyable and complete. This discount vacation packages to Bahamas will get you to the beautiful islands with high cliffs, deserted exotic sand beaches and foothills that are densely-forested. There are so many benefits of going for the discount vacation packages as they may include lower-priced airline tickets and a wide array of vacation deals.

Bahamas vacationYou will also get the chance to enjoy the finest hotel facilities and accommodations that Bahamas has to offer. The discount vacation packages are organized by experienced agents in conjunction with great hotels and other service providers to ensure the flow of business throughout the year. Taking such discount vacations comes with the hidden benefit of enjoying the assistance of travel agents and vacation organizers. These professionals eradicate the burden of having to do the numerous bookings necessary before going on vacation. Their immense skills and experience in the field will ensure that you visit all the popular attraction sites in Bahamas and don’t miss any single fun moment during your vacation.

Cost Effectiveness

A discount Bahamas vacation is a great boon for people operating on a tight budget. Bahamas has a lot to offer to all types of individuals. It does not matter whether you love adventure sports, fishing, diving or going for luxurious vacations; this awesome destination has everything in store for you. You do not have to break the bank in order to enjoy your time at the Bahamas as there are so many cost effective vacation packages to choose from that will fit your kind of budget. You should take advantage of the numerous discount Bahamas vacation packages available and get to enjoy your time to the fullest without straining your finances. You can buy these vacation packages either immediately or in advance in order to make huge savings.

Advantages of Taking All Inclusive Bahamas Vacation Packages

One of the key advantages of going for discount Bahamas vacation packages is their all inclusive aspect. Choosing the all inclusive packages comes with a number of advantages. You will not have to plan or worry about getting anything right on your own. These packages come with everything that you need. The choice of your package will provide you with different things like meals, fun activities, accommodations, transportation services, entertainment as well as facilities to use. All inclusive packages usually involve people travelling as a group as it drives the cost of the vacation trip down. The all inclusive vacation package ensures that you do not spend any extra amount of money on your trip thereby ensuring you stick to your budget. Bahamas is a rich paradise with so much to offer. There are so many spots and activities to enjoy during your time in Bahamas. If you have never been to Bahamas, then this would be the most appropriate package for you as you will get to enjoy all the pre-planned activities and spots. Different packages are offered for different groups of people and you can choose to go with your family, your partner, friends or by yourself.

Final Words

Bahamas is no longer a vacation destination for the wealthy people alone. It is now within the reach of every person who wishes to get the full utilization of their time and hard earned money. This is possible through the numerous discount Bahamas vacation available that suit all budgets. Taking a vacation in Bahamas is one great way of taking a break from the hectic life to re-energize and enjoy life.

Come stay at our beautiful Rainbow Towers Hotel in the Bahamas:

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A Shout Out To Our Carpet Cleaners In Our Adelaide Location!

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide is a company that is specialized in offering the residents of the expansive Adelaide region with professional carpet cleaning services. It has gained a good reputation over the years for their world-class service delivery that is characterized by strict adherence to time and high quality. It offers both domestic and commercial cleaning services that are simply unparalleled in the carpet cleaning industry of Adelaide.

Reasons We Use Their Services

There are numerous reasons as to why clients should use the carpet cleaning services offered by Carpet Cleaning Adelaide, the notable ones include the following:


The Company has had a long and fruitful business history in Adelaide that is characterized by numerous credible and positive reviews from happy clients. It is this good reputation that has managed to propel the company over the years through the volatile carpet cleaning industry that is defined with cut-throat competition.


It is a carpet cleaning company that strongly believes in the practice of professionalism. This is exhibited by the fact that its employees always arrive punctually at work dressed in full uniform. They practice good work ethic as they thoroughly clean up after completion of a job. Furthermore, they treat all clients in a courteous and polite manner that attracts respect and admiration.


Carpet Cleaning Adelaide uses realistic and transparent pricing. They provide clients with proper consultation and offer them a free quote even before the job commences so that they are fully aware of the cost implication. The company believes in providing their esteemed clients with high quality services at fair prices rather than charging cheap prices for substandard services.


All the carpet cleaning services offered by the company are completely insured against any accidental damage. This protects both the client and company. Nonetheless, it still provides quality service and the insurance is but a precautionary measure. Clients can therefore have peace of mind when hiring their services.


Only personnel who are experienced, certified and qualified are hired by carpet cleaners Adelaide. It believes that a competent team is what translates to the delivery of quality service to clients and ultimately to more referrals. The thorough training that the personnel undergo qualifies them to be trusted with clients’ rugs, upholstery and carpets.


Professional equpment

The Company knows and understands that the means is what justifies the end and this is why it has heavily invested in state-of-the art professional cleaning equipment. Their cleaning equipment is applied using effective cleaning techniques that guarantee positive and speedy results. There is no single carpet cleaning challenge that cannot be comprehensively addressed by the cleaning equipment and techniques that Carpet Cleaning Adelaide has.


It offers an array of carpet cleaning services to interested clients in the Adelaide area, these include the following:

  1. Professional carpet cleaning – It cleans carpets of all sizes, fabrics and colors for clients. It does this using quality and effective cleaning products to ensure pleasant results.
  2. Rug and upholstery cleaning – Individuals with stained or simply dirty rugs and upholstery can hire their cleaning services if excellence is what is being aimed at.
  3. Commercial carpet cleaning – Offices and all manner of business premises that are looking for a large scale professional carpet cleaning service can contact the customer care executives of Carpet Cleaning Adelaide for a quote.
  4. Tile and grout cleaning – The services of the company are not only limited to carpets as it also diligently cleans tiles and grout to leave them looking sparkling clean.
  5. Window cleaning – The company knows that windows greatly contribute to the outlook of a building and that is why it offers clients window cleaning services.
  6. Office and domestic cleaning – The company wants its clients to work and live in clean environments that are free from germs and offer optimum comfort. This is why it has a team in place that is just dedicated to general cleaning of offices and domestic dwellings.
  7. Water damage and flooding – Carpet Cleaning Adelaide is experienced and knowledgeable in cleaning up after damage caused by water or even a flooding event. It ensures that the clients is cleaned and restored to its initial condition if not better.
  8. Drying fan hire – It has a hiring service for clients that need a drying fan. Their rates are customer-friendly and flexible.


Carpet Cleaning Adelaide are cleaning professionals who deliver on their promise at rates that are fairly affordable. Interested clients should contact their customer care executives if they would like to benefit from their numerous cleaning services. They have done a tremendous job for us here at the Rainbow Towers Hotel!

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Considering A Visit To Tuscany?

Ciao from Italy

Tuscany is a very unique place to visit. The main reason for this is that the region had a significant impact on both the European and Italian cultures which made it quite different from all other places. Furthermore, it is characterized by a comprehensive culture that features wine growing, fashion, craftsmanship, extra virgin renowned oil production, truffle collecting and is also made of art. However, what really makes Tuscany popular is its critical role as the birthplace of the Renaissance. This is exhibited in its various galleries, frescoed churches and museums. The top towns and districts of Tuscany are Siena, Pisa, Lucca and its environs, Arezzo & the Piero della Francesca trail, Chianti, San Gimignano, the Val d’Orcia and Montalcino.

When to travel

Summer time is usually the ideal time for one to take a Tuscany tour regardless of the large tourist crowds and the unpleasant mix of sultry air. Climate in Tuscany greatly varies from place to place. Upland and hilly areas are known to offer cool and pleasant weather compared to the coastal areas and cities. This is why the periods between April to May as well as October to November are highly recommended as the ideal travel dates for tourists. This recommendation is based on the fact that Tuscany is usually less crowded at these times of the year and therefore more suitable.

Tuscany facts

There are numerous facts that tourists ought to know and appreciate about Tuscany, below is a list of a few of those local curiosities:

  • City tourTuscany is an Italian Region that is known to have the largest number of football clubs like Livorno, Siena, and Fiorentina among many others.
  • It hosts the 3rd largest tower in Italy called orre del Mangia of Palazzo Pubblico. It is located in Siena and stands at an astounding height of 88m.
  • It hosts 2 slightly leaning towers called San Michele degli Scalzi and San Nicola. However, the only leaning tower in Tuscany is known as Torre di Pisa.
  • The number of UNESCO sites in Tuscany exceeds that in South Africa or in Australia.
  • Tuscany has a balcony that is considered to be one of the strongest in the entire globe. All the architectural elements on it are in an upside down position. It is referred to as balcone rovesciato and is located in Florence at 12, Borgo Ognissanti Street.

Things to do

There are several things that an individual can do in a Tuscany tour, some of the notable ones include the following:

  1. Visit museums – Tuscany is home to a number of interesting museums that tourists can visit, they include Opera Metropolitana Cathedral Museum in Siena, National Museum of San Matteo in Pisa and Uffizi Gallery in Florence.
  2. Horse race – The Palio di Siena horse race is an interesting occasion to attend in Tuscany.
  3. The cities of art offer a relatively amazing experience. You can visit and browse through the alabaster craft workshops.
  4. Tuscan Archipelago is a must go. These islands offer a once in a lifetime experience for people of all walks of life and all ages.
  5. Music – The city of music called Lucca is yet another worthwhile place to visit especially its summer festival that is essentially an open-air music event held in the surroundings of Piazza Napoleone.
  6. Sample food – Every Tuscany village has its typical dishes. Such dishes are characterized by simple recipes. The food is delicious as the locals use high quality ingredients and effective cooking methods to prepare them. There are some very common dishes such as paté (pâté), crostino (crouton) and bruschetta. You will appreciate that olive oil is the essential dressing of each and every Tuscan recipe. The food in Tuscany is one of the main tourist attractions.
  7. Wine – The Tuscan wines are simply unparalleled in taste, some of the popular ones that you ought to sample when you visit are Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Brunello di Montalcino and Chianti Classico.


There are a few options of getting around while in Tuscany. Tourists can use either bikes or scooters to move around when looking especially for the cities of art. However, hiring a car is recommended for tourists in a wine and food tour. Using these means of transportation are considered to be most effective while traveling within Tuscany.


The above insightful information clearly indicates that Tuscany Tour has a lot more to offer than just its lovely olive groves, beautiful vineyards and irresistible dialect. It is a worthwhile activity to participate in as it offers a lot to be discovered. Join the bandwagon by scheduling your tour today.

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A Variety Of Services And Attractions

The Rainbow Towers Hotel and Conference Centre offers a variety of services and attractions. Located in room1_resizedHarare, the capital of Zimbabwe, this centre stands second to none. From bars, to casinos, to a coffee shop, to luxurious rooms and even more, this hotel stands as one of the best 5-star hotels in the world. Let’s explore deeper into each of the attractions to see just how wonderful this hotel truly is.

This hotel does not just have one bar, but four! The first bar is located outdoors next to the pool. It serves light snacks and drinks. It is the only outdoor swimming pool which offers facilities such as drinks and snacks. It is called Sahwira. The second bar, Stars,
is much different from the first as it serves as a nightclub located in the hotel itself. It serves as Harare’s finest nightclub.

Once again, this hotel is the only one in the area to offer such a facility. The club attracts a high energy and large crowd. International disc jockeys are featured and provide a great variety of entertainment to the guests.

Aviator’s Arms, the third bar, is much more traditional. It is located right next to the gazebo and serves as the designated meeting place for the soccer fans. The big screen television and wonderful service provides the perfect hosting place for any game viewing event. Gazebo, the fourth and final bar, is the cocktail bar you will see in the main lobby. With the exquisite setup, it offers a unique experience for the guests while checking in. This bar has recently been renovated which only adds to the experience even more.

Right along with the bar and night life which the hotel offers is the casino. The Rainbow Towers is
the only hotel in Harare to offer a running casino. It is known in the area as Regency Casino and hosts guests with 160 fruit machines, a bar, roulette and black jacks, and much more. Those who wish to gamble in private are allowed to do so if they are a VIP.

On another note, the Rainbow Towers Hotel and Conference Centre has its own coffee shop. La Patisserie is the coffee shop located in the main lobby of the hotel. The menu consists of light dishes, quick bites, sweets, and birthday cakes. The relaxing and beautiful atmosphere provides the guests with an abundance of natural light through the open windows of the hotel’s gardens.

The Rainbow Towers Hotel rooms themselves are the focal point of the enter building. With 305 beautiful rooms, you are sure to find one that best suits your needs. Included in the 305 rooms are 22 suits and 48 executive rooms on the Towers floors in the executive wing. For non-smokers, there are three floors dedicated to non-smoking. Business and leisure travelers are welcome as they will be comfortable no matter what the occasion.

The rooms offer direct dial telephone with voice-mail, air conditioning controlled by each individual rom, sound proof windows, mini-bars, butler service, city and poolside views, and much more. There are rooms which consist of 90 twin rooms
and 138 standard rooms. Approximately 70 Towers are king bedded. The towers serve as a hotel within the hotel. Both the private and exclusive rooms are located on the top four floors.158228_92_b

If you are looking to travel in the area of Zimbabwe, please consider staying at the Rainbow Towers Hotel as you will never experience anything like it. As one of the best 5-star hotels in the world, you are sure to find your experience enjoyable and relaxing.

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