Day: July 24, 2017

How to choose the best conference center

Conference Center ChoiceOrganizing a conference can be a daunting task ranging from getting the right speakers, securing sponsors and planning the details. Getting the right venue can be a challenge if you don’t have the right guide and many still don’t know how to choose the best conference center. The venue has a direct impact on the success of the conference considering aspects like cost, availability of relevant amenities and its accessibility to participants. Here are some tips to choosing the best conference center.


To maximize attendance at the event, its location is very crucial when making plans. The venue you choose should be readily accessible by major transport modes including air and road. Locations that require more than one leg of air transport may negatively affect the attendance, especially for VIP participants. Services like valet and ample secure parking are important if most of the attendees will drive to the event. Around the event location, there should be restaurants and some attractions that can maximize networking pre or post event.

Everyone, even those with special needs should be able to access the venue with ease and use the amenities. You should understand who your attendees will be so that you can select the best location for everyone. It is crucial that you consider participants of all ages if children will be around, there should be diaper changing rooms. If elderly participants are expected, the venue should have minimal stairs to be as considerate of the guests as possible.


Your conference venue should be in a place where participants can get convenient accommodation and lodging facilities. The hotels should be reasonably located away from the conference venue if guests can stay within the conference location the better for everyone. This is one of the major advantages of The Rainbow Towers Hotel; there is plenty of rooms available for conference attendees. Rooms are equipped with state of the art equipment. Most rooms are have beds with memory foam mattresses like the ones featured here on Sleep Junkie. Choosing a venue that is far from the hotel will force the participants to incur extra expenses in transport if the hotel does not provide a shuttle service.

Availability of space

You may have found a suitable conference venue, but in a peak season, meaning the outer space will be occupied most of the time. Choosing allocation that is frequented by other users may affect the networking aspect of the conference. Ensure you have the VIP lounge and pool among other areas that may be of interest to your event.


The venue for your conference should be aligned with the event being held there. The venue should complement the event and not distract the participants from the theme. It should be mindful of the sponsors and stakeholders alike and the site should be hosting another event that clashes with the one you are planning.


Most people consider this before the other aspects in most cases. It is crucial to planning and budgeting, however, it should not overshadow the other factors. Don’t be afraid to negotiate if the venue impresses you for a repeat of the conference the following year. A multi-year contract may earn you a significant discount.


For the conference to be successful, the venue needs professional staff in adequate number to handle the participants’ needs. Concierge support, wait staff, and security are essential to any event and should constitute what you get when signing a contract for the venue. Some conference venues have in-house event coordinators and designers who can help with the event, don’t forget to ask for these.


A venue with all the facilities that your participants may need should be on top of the list. If you are wondering How to choose the best conference center, the facilities available like stages, audiovisual equipment makes it more convenient to set up and manage the event. The seating arrangements, outside vendors, and sponsor areas should be well coordinated to make every stakeholder happy. The room should be adequate to accommodate the participants comfortably. The available hotels should be enough for your participants. If the hotels are mostly unsuitable for your venue, consider moving the location. Ensure there is enough space for trade show displays and adequate break rooms.

Branding ease

Since conferences go hand in hand with branding, be considerate to your sponsors and provide branding opportunities at the event venue. Consider asking the venue coordinator for branding opportunities around the facility in and out.

Technical facilities

The chosen location should have Wi-Fi and charging stations for the participants to keep up with the current digital trends. If they don’t, then you should add these at your cost. Ask if the venue will provide technical support all through the event or should you shoulder that. It can be frustrating to experience technical issues in the middle of an event with no one to help or aimlessly searching for a Wi-Fi connection.

Food and beverage

There are venues that provide food and drinks included with the cost of renting the venue for the conference. However, without confirming the details, you will be in for disappointments with your guests. Confirm if you can contract an outside caterer to take care of your needs. Ask if they can accommodate last minute changes and special cases like food allergies and special diets for your attendees.

Consider if the venue has their kitchen capable of serving all your participants comfortably. This goes with the cost of the service, so if the cost is higher than the market rate, you may be compelled to get an outside caterer. Some venues will waive the fee you could have paid for the facility and only charge a small down payment and the cost of food and drinks. Some without kitchens may be in partnership with reliable catering companies to make your work easier. This will take away a lot of stress in planning and organizing the event till the end.

With these tips, anyone can plan their conference to proceed seamlessly without having to experience a series of disappointments before it ends. With the increasing use of technology in our lives and if conferences, you will be in good hands if you choose a venue that has an inbuilt technology to help facilitate the conference. This beats having to install cables and a sound system from a third party vendor that has not been tested for compliance with your needs. Attendees differ in their preferences, some prefer the fast paced city experience, whereas others prefer to attend a conference in a secluded, quiet location away from big cities. Always consider the price sensitivity of the participants and choose the best conference center that will not make them spend more than they are willing to in hotel, meals, and transport costs.

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