Where To Stay In Cebu City With Comfort & Luxury

Where To Stay In Cebu City With Comfort & Luxury

There is no doubt Cebu City is the ultimate destination to visit in the Philippines. From the several islands and islet, to the water-boarding activities and beaches, historical monuments arising out of the 16th Century Spanish colonial exploits to the ports and sweeping city views, Cebu is definitely among the flourishing tourist sanctuaries. If you are planning of visiting the city, then there is one major aspect to consider and make sure it is perfect; your accommodation. The trick to enjoying most of what Cebu City has to offer lies in finding ideal accommodation somewhere close to most of the attractions. There are several hotels in the area and a good example is SouthPole Central Hotel. However, some simply give the best views of the town and others are known for unbelievable offers and discounts. If you can find one that has a mix of both in addition to perfect suites and environment for relaxing, then that should be your top choice. Finding where to stay in Cebu City is relatively easy as top hotels such as SouthPole Central Hotel have professionally built websites that describe their offers.

Here are a few tips to help you land the perfect hotel in the region:

Always start with the rooms

Although some people begin with inspecting the environment, it is often recommendable to make suites and rooms your first priority. Before looking at anything else, make sure you are comfortable (if not overwhelmed) with the room in the hotel. The tip here is to determine what suites the hotel offers. Top offers should have a broad variety including deluxe rooms, superior and special rooms, business suites, presidential and luxury suites among others. Before you book where to stay in Cebu City, visit the websites and view existing rooms, spaces, décor, location and available suites. Look for modern fixtures and fittings, top-class finish, banqueting, lobby cafes and conference rooms, rooftops, cocktail bars and other details within the hotel.

The environment and atmosphere

Cebu CityCebu offers a bustling street and busy beaches, but this does not mean you lack places to lay back and relax. As aforementioned, some hotels like SouthPole central Hotel offer rooftop views and cocktail bars from which you can witness the busy street at work while relaxing with other guests. The best places to stay in should understand that each guest has unique needs for pleasure, business or any other reason. Seek details that may give you insights into housekeeping services and meals, dining halls and private spaces. You can always find reviews and comments from previous and/or current guests to learn more from their experiences. Nonetheless, watch out for fabricated testimonials that do not add up.

Amenities and modern conveniences

When looking for where to stay in Cebu City, then you must know that modern conveniences are top distinguishers and can be used to separate reliable offers from the rest. For the modern world, conveniences like high-speed Wi-Fi or fiber internet are held dear. Device charging sockets, sufficient supplies, enhanced lighting and décor, open space plans for easy mobility and transportation arrangements should all be considered. You should be able to call for room service by a single press of a button, order your meals through the hotel network portal or online. Wide parking space and in-room dining are also other things to appreciate. All these amazing facilities are available at SouthPole Central Hotel.


The hotel industry is quite competitive and this only makes things better for the traveler, if you are looking for where to stay in Cebu City, you will probably come across numerous hotels and accommodation offers. Most of them will have desirable plans and manifest great value for money so it all boils down to the extra features you get. Free internet is already a norm in most high-end hotels so pay attention to special hints like free breakfast, a wide assortment of drinks and meals, free self-parking, improved security, loyalty discounts, first-time waivers and of course, a flourishing reputation.


There are many wonderful hotels in Cebu City and your choice will depend on how much you are willing to spend as well as personal preferences. It is best to pick top offers and find out whether the favorite rooms are already booked for the season. Sometimes good accommodation offers just get flooded and the experience is tarnished so keep an eye on the calendar and occupancy. If they are centrally located where you can see the whole city from the rooftop, have top class services and housekeeping, maintain a clean environment, offer a diverse menu and enjoy positive reputation among clients, then it may just be the best place to stay in Cebu City. SouthPole central Hotel is a good example that offers all the facilities you need for a comfortable stay.

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